About me


Born in Cheshire in 1956, I have early memories of being a baby, and from an early age, I could hear spirit, but I wasn't sure what was going on, Looking back now I realize I was aware of spirit, but it wasn't until I was in my twenties that I was able to connect to family members, and a friend who passed over, also had premonitions, but I didn't know what to do with the gift.

Happily married 33 years, with three grown up daughters, all married and two grandchildren, and living in the West Country. I go to a spiritualist church locally, and attend circle, and I have been doing platform work, one to one readings, I have had premonitions of the Tsunami, and the Russian school to name just a couple, there are a lot more. My main aim is to help people and spirit, and spread love and light, I love animals too, I have realized that I also do psychic viewing, and use photos to reach loved ones gone over, it helps the link, and a name also helps, I connect with them, and bring messages, and hope to prove the afterlife, and bring comfort to you. I have done thirteen photo readings, and they have all been accurate, and this has brought a lot of happiness to these friends, and in some cases changed their lives for the better.
It can be a great comfort to know that someone we love is still close and watching over us. I am hoping to do the same for lots of people and for a short time a charge of £10 to cover my time, and other expenses,
Obviously we would like feed back from you, I use my middle eye, I hear within, and visualize
I usually feel the loved ones presence coming close to me, they are usually delighted to be able to make the link, and when I see that its been accurate I am of course uplifted too. On platform one can get crossed wires, but it hasn't happened yet so far, its peaceful in my own home working, but I suppose you can get the odd occasion when I could get crossed wires, then I would either do it again, or give a refund.
My aim is to comfort, and bring the two worlds together, the best way for me to explain the afterlife is that our loved ones past over are home, they are where we used to be, and we are living and learning and we take with us all our experiences and all we have learnt, Life is full of many struggles of all different natures, some of us suffer greatly by family loss, it is inevitable that we will lose our parents, and in rare cases our children, and our partners, if one goes for a reading, one may not get the person coming through that they want, this way, we hope to get the right link, and if you get a message from a medium on platform once again, you cannot choose who is coming through, but by using a photo, and a name I seem to be able to link with them, so far it has been very successful.
I do feel that spirit has guided me to this, to help us, and to help others, if I can bring some comfort to you, please contact me, and I will do my best to link with your loved one. I do think we should use the gift to help, others and I will continue to do this on facebook as I have been doing, this site is for readings of photos only, to contact loved ones... Please be patient, for I can only do so many a day, and will get to you as fast as possible, I obviously don’t want to rush through them too quickly... it will be a most interesting journey, a new venture for me, and hopefully a comfort to yourselves. I would like to thank Paul for helping me by setting up this website. It’s most appreciated.

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