The following testimonials have been written by previous clients of Philippa’s to provide an insight as to what to expect from the readings.

Philippa is not only a spiritual and compassionate person who cares deeply for people and all living creatures, she possesses a wonderful gift from God that brings people close to their loved ones that have passed over to the other side. As a medium she contacted my Mom who passed away on July, 2009. I miss her terribly and always prayed that she was now happy with my Dad and her loved ones. At a very sad time for me, Philippa contacted my Mom and what she shared with me was incredible. My mom communicated things to Philippa that she would have no way of knowing. She told me that my Mom would brush her hand through my hair and kiss my cheek to get my attention. That explained this habit I developed for no reason; I would touch my hair like something caught in my hair and I’d brush my cheek as if a feather was tickling it. People would ask me why I was always touching my hair and face simultaneously. I couldn’t answer it, till now. Not only is my Mom trying to get my attention, Philippa told me my Dad, who passed away in March 1985, was also putting his hand on my head. The first “words” from my Dad was that he loved his family very much and that although he appeared during my Mom’s reading, he didn’t say anything because my Mom did all the talking and that she always liked to do the talking but he didn’t mind…how true that was. Who would have guessed!!!

Philippa gave me the gift of knowing that my parents are together, happy and looking over the whole family. When hard times occur, some unexplainable things happen to help us out. I could write a book on the small miracles that happened since my Mom passed away. On the day of my Mom’s funeral, it poured rain and two brilliant rainbows showed up in front of my house (never before has this happened). I believe it was a sign from my Mom that she and my Dad were together. Our loved ones’ spirits continue to live on and do have access to the living. Philippa confirmed this. She gave me so much comfort. Now I look for my parents’ signs and know that they are with me in spirit. Thank you, Philippa, for this incredible gift of love, for the compassion and consideration you show towards people and animals and for sharing your gift with the world. I highly recommend Philippa’s gift of reaching the spirit world and to reunite you with your loved one in a gentle and loving manner. Anita from Canada.

When Philippa Mckee offered to give her facebook friends a Mediumship reading from photographs of loved ones who had passed over,I sighed with frustration as I'm not pc literate & knew I did not even have a digital photo of my mother. Philippa said that it was good for her to practise /progress what was a new way of reading for her...
I told her of my problem to which she immediately replied that she would try to link up for me using just my Mother's name! I was so pleased about this!! and she said she'd give it a go the next day : ) Well..wow! using just my mother's name was no problem and the accuracies & information just flowed!..I knew she'd got my mother through from the description of her voice & character.I was overwhelmed with the accurate references to the way mother described herself and what she was now doing with her time in the spirit world.She told Philippa that she was travelling alot and learning music over there..Unbeknown to Philippa my mother loved to travel when alive! She took me on a half way round the world cruise when I was 13mths! and to Australia when I was 12yrs..& when I holidayed with my Dad in the Yorkshire dales..she took herself off to Ibiza.As for the music...mother in her lifetime had passed all her singing & piano certificates and was the manageress of a sheet music shop in Birmingham.
She told Philippa that she was delighted to be given this opportunity to communicate though found it a bit strange but said she'd like to speak to me again like this! Can you imagine my happiness? This lady possesses a very precious gift...You cannot put a price on relief and peace of mind and joy in your heart after years of grieving. 
Lynne Murch

Philippa gave me a reading after seeing a photo of my Mum and Dad. She was 99.9% accurate in all she said. She is a very gifted lady and feel so lucky to have her as a Facebook friend.
Kind regards
Andie :o)

 Philippa did a reading from a picture of my dad. She was right on with the reading!!!! She helped me with the reading alot.

Nicole (USA)

My husband passed away 2 years ago and left us heart broken. Phillippa sent me the most beautiful note from linking with him after i sent her a picture of him. She was 100 percent accurate with everything that came through allowing us to know that he is still with us and continues to love us. Phillippa is a beautiful soul, an angel she is easy to talk and one of the most understanding non judgmental woman i have met. I am truly grateful to have met her and to have experienced her amazing gift.  Theressa from canada 

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