Q.What exactly do you do?

If you provide me with a photo and a name i will endeavor to provide you with an in depth reading based on my psychic mediumship and clairvoyant skills

Q:How does it work?

A. Using a  photo and name, I have also found from experience that a small piece of information helps to make the link stronger  I will make contact with  your loved one/s whom will relay information to me which I shall in turn relay to you via email in the form of a reading, obviously I can only give what I am given, they dont always tell me how they have  departed  this world.

Q:How long does it take?

A. It varies I cannot set a specific time limit as it varies greatly on how many people come through in the reading and how much information I have to record

Q: Is it accurate?

A. So far I have had great success with this type of reading and many happy customers please feel free to check out the testimonials page

Q: How much does it cost / How do i pay?

A.Due to overwhelming demand and the amount of time im now having to dedicate to the readings i feel i must now charge £20 (gbp) ($32 u.s dollars) per reading I think this is very reasonable compared with the cost of consulting a private medium and also removes the need to travel

Currently payment is via only via paypal or postal order if you arent too sure about paying via paypal please refer to our guide on the how to use paypal page many thanks

Q:what if im not happy?

A.If you are not happy with your reading for whatever reason I will happily refund you after all I am not doing this to make my fortune I am doing this merely to offer people an insight into the world of spirit and to make contact/receive messages from those whom have passed over the cost incurred is simply to cover the cost of my time. 
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